Maximize Your SuiteCRM Potential: Introducing CRM Assistant for Gmail™


Navigating a constantly shifting business landscape requires efficient customer relationship management. Our Gmail add-on, CRM Assistant for Gmail™, has been meticulously designed to elevate the SuiteCRM experience by seamlessly integrating it with Gmail. By bridging the gap between these essential platforms, our plugin empowers you with a range of features that save you time and enhance your user experience.

Streamlining Your CRM Workflow:

Manage SuiteCRM Records: With CRM Assistant for Gmail™, you gain the power to manage SuiteCRM records directly from your Gmail interface. Create, update, and delete records with ease, without having to switch between platforms.

Global and Modules Search: Our plugin offers a robust search feature that allows you to explore the entire CRM system or focus your search within specific modules. This flexibility streamlines the process of locating relevant customer information.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Context:

CRM Records Display for Selected Email: This feature adds depth to your email correspondence. When you open an email, our plugin dynamically displays SuiteCRM records linked to the email’s correspondent. This contextual insight provides valuable information and allows for a more informed response.

Email Archiving with Attachments: Archiving your emails has never been simpler. In addition to preserving emails, our plugin also takes care of email attachments, including in-line images. This helps you maintain an organized record of essential files.

Enhanced Record Keeping:

Attachment Management: Your email attachments can be saved as notes within SuiteCRM. This feature helps in organizing important files while providing easy access to information when needed.

Notes and Record Association: Streamline record-keeping by creating and associating notes with specific CRM records. This provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, helping you build stronger relationships.

Automation for Efficiency:

Auto-Archive Emails: CRM Assistant for Gmail™ automates the email archiving process. You can set it up to archive emails for selected leads and contacts, reducing manual effort and ensuring that important correspondence is always captured.

Stay Organized and Informed:

Today’s Activities Overview: Our plugin helps you keep track of your day by displaying your tasks, meetings, and calls right on the add-on home page. This consolidated view of your schedule ensures you stay organized and never miss an important commitment.

Recently Opened Records: For greater productivity, the plugin provides quick access to recently viewed CRM records on the home page, ensuring you can seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Access Anytime, Anywhere:

Mobile Compatibility: CRM Assistant for Gmail™ is not confined to desktop usage. It works seamlessly with the Gmail mobile application, offering you the flexibility to access your CRM from anywhere.

The Ultimate SuiteCRM Companion: CRM Assistant for Gmail™

To access these exceptional features, users need to install the Gmail add-on, as well as the companion SuiteCRM plug-in from the SuiteCRM Store, in order to link the two. Ready to take your SuiteCRM experience to the next level? Get started now with CRM Assistant for Gmail™. 

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