How to Manage your Customer Pipeline with Odoo CRM


Regularly acquiring more and more customers is essential for businesses to continue growing as it allows them to keep up with their financial requirements to strive and progress ahead to excellence. In the wake of the digitalized era we currently live in, marketing has moved on to social media which has had a greater impact on businesses while also being cost efficient. Today digital marketing alongside promotion programs conducted by businesses is the largest factor in bringing in new customers.

Furthermore, with tools such as email/sms marketing and social media marketing, businesses can now reach a larger audience. In addition, there has also been a subsequent increase in another form of business operations, eCommerce. Companies were able to easily promote and sell their products and services with minimum investment. However, as with all business operations, if a business is not able to manage a large increase in customer base an increase in sales and profits will only be temporary.

Therefore, a customer relationship management tool is vital and choosing the right solution is of great importance for steady prolonged growth. Odoo, one of the of the more prominent business management solutions has a dedicated CRM module that acts as the complete CRM solution that is required for any business. Moreover, the dedicated infrastructure of Odoo paves the way for effective and efficient customer relationship management.

The Odoo platform has made available a Odoo CRM in both enterprise and community editions, offering support in management operations. The Odoo CRM is well suited for those businesses who are seeking a dedicated business management solution with the required tools of operation. 

In Odoo the opportunities of business are defined as leads and can be acquired from either retail stores, email marketing, SMS marketing, promotional campaigns as well as through the website. These Leads can be auto-described based on the customer operations or created manually through the Odoo CRM. 


Odoo allows you to define the sales teams of operations and allocate each employee’s operations which can be custom-defined based on the operational needs of your business. Moreover, the leads that are generated with the Odoo CRM can be allocated to each sales team as well as to the same person it was assigned to earlier if you are seeking a follow up.

Activity Scheduling

Following up on leads is made significantly easier through the dedicated activity scheduling functionality of the Odoo CRM. You are able to define various activities such as follow-up meetings, calls, emails, client visits, alongside others based on a calendar view that is available where all the scheduled activities are listed, allowing you to choose dates based on not only your availability but the clients as well.

Once a lead is lost or canceled due to any internal or external conditions odoo allows you to mark them in the lost stage, which is effective in filtering leads. Moreover, its main function is not only to filter leads but also provides reasoning as to why the lead has been lost, creating room for improvement, which over time may lead to long term benefits 

Advanced Functionalities

Odoo provides advanced lead management as well as functional tools such as lead enrichment that allow you to acquire the necessary contact information for a lead solely from an email address you received from a marketing campaign. In addition the lead generation functionality in Odoo allows you to generate leads form various sources automatically as well as manually, from emails, social media, marketing, promotional programs, website visits, live client visits alongside others.


Report generation is an advanced function provided by Odoo which can be accessed through all menus as operations as well as in the modules of functioning. In Odoo CRM you can generate reports based on the leads, activities, and revenue with custom and default filtering and grouping by the plethora of tools made available.

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