CRM Gamification – Top Strategies and Benefits


Nobody likes being bored at work. People enjoy games and there’s no better way to boost the productivity of employees by applying game design to your business software.

According to research, 89% of the employees say that the gamification of business software makes them more productive and happier at work. Now, if you are using CRM software to create meaningful customer relationships and streamline your business processes, you must ensure that your team is fully leveraging the CRM platform.

So, let’s get started to learn about CRM gamification and how you can leverage it to boost the productivity of your employees and maximize ROI on CRM investment.

What is CRM Gamification?

CRM Gamification is the process of making CRM software more engaging to increase the participation rate of users by leveraging game design. With the application of game mechanics to CRM software for small businesses, companies can see a boost in their employee’s productivity and a higher probability of achieving the business goals.

Strategies For CRM Gamification

Now, let’s explore different gamification strategies that businesses are using to better engage their employees, increase sales and drive high profits.

Setting Rewards on Completing Tasks

One way of CRM gamification can be through setting rewards such as gift cards, trips, lunch with senior management. Just like a video game, this will give users the incentive to complete the challenges and move on to the higher levels to earn bigger rewards and have a sense of achievement.

For example, you can set a $10 gift card on creating 5 user accounts in the CRM and $20 on closing a deal by shortening the sales cycle through CRM software.

Jump to Be the Leader

This is another way of leveraging CRM Gamification by focusing on intrinsic rewards. You can introduce overall ranks, ranking within a team or ranking by months to motivate employees to use CRM software. To appreciate their usage of CRM to drive high sales and streamline business processes, you can give them different achievement badges and make it a challenge to win a higher rank.

Set Ranks and Levels

You can also increase CRM usage by setting ranks and levels to improve the performance of the employees. For example, you can create levels for silver, platinum, and gold ranks to create unique rewards for each level. This will improve team collaboration and motivate employees to put in their best efforts to move to the next level.

Benefits of CRM Gamification

Increased User Adoption

After investing in a CRM, you would want your team to fully leverage it. However, a lot of employees are reluctant to use a new system and at times, fail to understand how to use the CRM platform.

With CRM gamification, you can increase user adoption as it makes the learning process simple and easy. Users will enjoy using the CRM platform with a fun element attached to it. Moreover, with rewards and incentives to login and explore the system, users will be more inclined to use the CRM software and leverage it as the best software for small businesses.

Boost Productivity of Employees

Making work fun will help to boost the productivity of your employees. CRM Gamification allows you to engage employees through different challenges and competitions and give them prizes to keep them motivated to achieve the business goals.

Skyrocket Business Growth

With CRM Gamification, you can drive measurable results by making work a game and setting different rewards at various steps of achieving a goal and completing projects. Employees can engage as individuals and teams to unlock achievement badges and other incentives that will improve their performance.

Are You Ready To Leverage CRM Gamification?

With CRM gamification, you can make the most of your CRM software as the best customer relationship management software and motivate your team to use it. Now, that you know about the top gamification strategies and their benefits, we believe that your team will have fun while using CRM software and leverage it fully. Moreover, you can also leverage the services of our CRM experts to enhance the CRM functionalities and mirror your business to take it to the next level.

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