Automotive CRM Software: A Custom CRM for Auto Industry


A recent report by Gartner showed that CRM spend was forecasted to reach an estimated $36 billion in the year 2018. This news probably didn’t raise any eyebrows in the CRM industry because the benefits and improvements are well-known. They might actually be surprised it took this long for the world to realize. Either way, the cat’s out of the bag. Organizations and conglomerates are adopting CRM software in droves thanks to the host of different customization, integration, and modifications on offer that can transform your business processes.

Let’s take a look at how a CRM software could benefit the Auto Industry. Due to the numerous different processes, protocols, and entities involved (Dealers, Buyers, Customers), we’ve created a customized solution called the Automotive CRM Software. Let’s explore how this solution can help your business reach new heights.

Opportunities Module for Car Listings

The primary goal of an Automotive CRM Software is to bring organization and clarity to the different variables in your business. In light of this, our CRM Developers came up with an Opportunities Module that will consolidate all the different vehicles for sale in one place. This module will include sub-panels that will outline the vehicle characteristics and important information i.e. Model, Mileage, Warranty, and Price. This module will exponentially increase the outlook of your Sales team by bringing the necessary information to the forefront of their screens, resulting in faster deals and improved customer satisfaction.

Dealers Module

The Dealers Module in this Automotive CRM Software brings all this information to the front of your screen. The Dealers Module lists a comprehensive detail on each Dealer in your connections and gives you a holistic view of what is in your reach. It gives you insights into their Sales criteria, sales expertise and so much more.  This is remarkably important when you stumble upon a client looking for a rare vehicle or spare part. Simply log into the Dealers Module and link the lead to the right dealer without breaking a sweat.

Buyers Module

The Buyers Module is your one stop solution for all your customer acquisition and customer management needs. The Buyers module lists all the customers in your database and lets you categorize them based on their needs and preferences. You can also avail a number of CRM Integrations with this custom module to enhance its functionality. Marketing automation features can be used with the Buyers module to automate lead management processes. You can then filter out quality leads and target them exclusively.

Built-In HelpDesk

Manage all your Customer queries from inside the CRM. This Automotive CRM Software can integrate with the Contact form and automatically populate and organize all Support issues and queries inside the CRM. Your Support Team can then look into each query and assign them to relevant representatives for solutions. You can also have any number of custom workflows implemented to further automate processes to an extent where the process itself can gather all the details for you, simplifying and optimizing your business to an unprecedented level.

Custom Reports

The recipe to a successful business is constant analytical analysis. With this Automotive CRM Software, dive deep into the day to day processes of your business and create elaborate reports on any aspect of your business. Find which vehicles are popular with your customers or the area that brings you the most customers. Pinpoint avenues of interest and target your efforts there to improve revenue and increase growth. The CRM reports in this solution are straightforward, elaborate, and easy to comprehend.

Our Two Bits!

People will always have places to go which means they will always need a vehicle. Investing in this Automotive CRM Software will ensure that your business stands the test of time (or should I say technology?). The organization and automation of processes and data ensure that you’re always on top of things and the reporting functionality along with the built-in helpdesk will keep your customers happy and satisfied.

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