IMG is a well-known funeral management and services company with multiple cemeteries in the United States. Over the years, they have helped many families to prepare for the inevitable by making funeral arrangements simple and easier. Their extensive expertise covering a wide range of cemeteries and personalized facilities such as funeral pre-planning, family service opportunities, and owner upgrades gives them a competitive advantage and has helped them cement their place as a leader in their industry.


By providing unmatchable funeral management services, IMG developed a satisfied customer database and attracted new prospects. This called for the expansion of cemeteries and streamlining of funeral home management processes so that they could continue to deliver the best customer experience.  However, IMG’s previous process management system wasn’t as effective because they had to resort to manual processes after lead generation. As the business was growing, the lack of marketing automation resulted in lags in client communication. Another issue was recordkeeping because there wasn’t a centralized database to keep a record of leads, customers, cemeteries, and dealers. Hence, IMG approached us to make funeral management software to have a centralized database. This would allow IMG to manage different cemeteries, monitor and track their sales funnel, and engage with clients in a better way.


After a thorough analysis of IMG’s business problems, RT Dynamic provided the following solutions with the help of its CRM Experts and Developers. 

  • A Funeral and Cemetery CRM was built and integrated into the websites of IMG’s multiple cemeteries, resulting in a centralized database. The CRM allowed IMG to capture leads, monitor web inquiries, service requests and maintain call lists.  
  • To avoid recurring license cost and to streamline processes, IMG migrated to SuiteCRM
  • IMG was able to automate lead management and push more customers through the sales pipeline with fast communication. This also stored all the data in SuiteCRM.
  • IMG started delivering exceptional customer service by streamlining its communication channels through CRM integrations. Moreover, IMG leveraged Twilio Integration, Outlook Integration, and DocuSign Integration. This allowed IMG to go to the next mile in engaging better with their clients, serving better family service opportunities and owner upgrades. 
  • RT Dynamic also helped IMG in running its business smarter through different SuiteCRM customizations. Not only did it help in efficient dealership management, but it also boosted their team’s productivity as a result of an intuitive user interface.


SuiteCRM provided a solid foundation for IMG to evolve and create a phenomenal experience for their customers. As SuiteCRM implementation allowed IMG to have a centralized database, they expanded their business and streamlined communication with the clients. Now, IMG has a 360-degree view of its dealers and customers and drives actionable insights from data for effective decision making.  RT Dynamic has been working with IMG for over 6 years and our SuiteCRM experts are always on the lookout for ways to optimize the business processes of IMG. Moreover, we have been working with IMG to enhance the functionalities of their Funeral and Cemetery CRM. RT Dynamic continues to work with IMG to date with a support contract to provide them assistance at all times and transform their business.

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