Top E-Signature Integrations for SuiteCRM


Technology is developing so rapidly that even the most rudimentary of tasks have been digitized. E-signatures are a major example of this, in the fast and moving world of today you won’t be printing any more paper in order to get someone to sign it! 

The point is to accelerate the agreement process, which has a massive impact on a business’s cost savings throughout the year. A plus point of going digital in signatures is that it connects with tools and systems that you already use, even with CRMs. With SuiteCRM integration with any e-signature platform, you can keep track of all agreements taking place. The time taken to close deals will decrease by a large margin and you can even send and receive documents for signing from within the interface itself. The combination of CRM and e-signatures go hand in hand and will over time increase the ROI of your business. This is due to the sheer speed of the process, and the efficiency it results in. 

With the advent of COVID-19, it is now more important than ever to leverage the world of e-signatures. You should use it to circumvent physical contact whilst speeding up the agreement processes. 

We’ll show you the 2 best integration options for your SuiteCRM with e-signature applications. With these 2 especially, all of your e-signature needs will be met and in line with every process of your business. All within your SuiteCRM.


DocuSign is one of the premiere e-signature platforms that is trusted by millions of users globally. It is the current industry standard and really does seem to have it all. With support for over 43 languages, it is truly being used worldwide in many spaces. 

For every signature you go through, an agreement is arranged which will be used to track important transactions and sales. This will result in accurate and reliable reporting.

Document Creation

DocuSign supports almost all types of documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and some more obscure file formats. With PDF Form Conversion, it will automatically detect fields on the file that are meant for signatures and automate that process. Powerforms is another feature that generates self-service documents and reduces document preparation time whilst collecting data at the backend. 

Signer Authentication

DocuSign has a large number of techniques to ensure the authenticity of the e-signatures. There are access codes that are generated by the sender of the document, along with confirmations through email, SMS, and even government-issued IDs. This makes the entire process more secure and reliable.

Signing Experience

The signing experience on DocuSign is also very crisp and intuitive. It has a responsive design that can shift itself to any device’s orientation. It even saves signatures offline that can be later sent when internet connectivity is restored.

Agreement Cloud

There are multiple modules in DocuSign that complement its e-signature capabilities. These include prepare, sign, act, manage, and many more. The entire array of over 12 modules forms an ecosystem that is the perfect answer to all your digital signing needs.

Adobe Sign

DocuSign may be the current industry standard, but Adobe Sign is also a great alternative with equal functionality. It is part of the Adobe Document Cloud family of apps so the whole system is essentially cloud-based for both document signing and management. 

Automatic Record Keeping

In Adobe Sign all of your records are safe and secure on the cloud. You can even track the audit trails of all transactions to keep everything in check. This reduces the risk involved when agreements are made and ensure the accountability of both parties. This is especially useful when there are lots of payments involved. 

Agreement Templates

Templates can also be created using your own documents. You can quickly reuse them at any time so you do not have to start all over again. There is a high level of customization involved when making Adobe templates for future use. 

This greatly reduces the time wasted by repetition and optimizes the entire process.

Web Forms

Adobe Sign is also adept at handling web forms that require e-signatures. The forms are entirely digital and also provide progress on their status. This can be replicated on any website, so using it has no other prerequisite. 

Summing Up

E-signatures are the way of the future and will streamline businesses to such a large extent that they will collectively save billions of dollars on paper, not to mention the risks to the environment. A whole variety of features are added to enhance the signing experience and make them seamless. A platform like this is an asset for your SuiteCRM and will make your business processes more efficient. So avail the benefits of e-signatures now!

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