SuiteCRM Integration with PayPal


One of the main benefits of CRM is that you can integrate it with various third-party platforms for added functionality. This is especially noteworthy in an open-source CRM like SuiteCRM, which can integrate with almost anything you can show it. A large number of businesses are missing out on the benefits of integrating with a payment gateway. A great option is integrating SuiteCRM with PayPal, one of if not the best payment gateway out there. 

Having a payment gateway is especially handy because customers can be charged directly from your website. This can urge them to take that final step because of the newly found convenience they didn’t have elsewhere. 

About PayPal

PayPal is a company that is a paper-free alternative to making payments worldwide. They are one of the largest payment gateways and support online vendors, auction sites, and many other commercial users. The process is kept safe from online fraud as the platform is heavily encrypted, making it PCI compliant. 

PayPal has a lot of features that make it the go-to destination for just about all payment gateway needs:

PayPal Features

  • Apps present on all major platforms (iOS, Android, and others)
  • You can request payments from others without PayPal accounts
  • Payments are done without the use of debit/credit cards
  • Send funds to other accounts fast with over 100 currencies supported
  • You can create and control invoices via the app
  • PayPal funds can be easily transferred to the supported bank accounts

Benefits of Integrating SuiteCRM with PayPal

Instantaneous Updates

The second a customer makes a payment to your business via PayPal, it is instantly updated in your SuiteCRM. Keeping track of payments has never been easier, this reduces the manual effort that you would have made before substantially. This also leads to a better customer experience and enhances the ability to serve them as efficiently as possible. If you customize SuiteCRM with PayPal in mind, you can also get more specific features of your choosing.

Credit Card Payments

There may be a scenario where the customer does not currently have any funds in their PayPal account. For this, you can instead give them the option to use their credit cards at times like these. This benefits both the CRM users and customers in terms of convenience and completing transactions. You will not have to lose out on opportunities because of any small barriers that form along the way. 

Frequent Payments

Online payments take away all the difficulties of making conventional payments, no more checks and money orders. Payment information can easily be saved to your SuiteCRM, which means you can collect it automatically when they become recurring. This is especially useful for subscription payments, where you collect them automatically when the term renews. Therefore, you will not feel the need to consistently send reminders and annoy your prospects.

Secure Payments

PayPal is already a very secure platform for making payments. Integrate with SuiteCRM and you have an overall safe method of collecting payments from customers on a regular basis. The prevention of data breaches is very important for business, more so for financial information. Your whole reputation could go down fast if you have not taken care of the security of vital information.

Invoice Generation

Once linked with SuiteCRM, you can use it to generate invoices that are customized exactly to your content. It will suit your business needs and you will start noticing a lack of delays. This SuiteCRM module combines with the integration to allow you to easily manage invoices for your customers.

Key Takeaway

With SuiteCRM integration, you will not have to rely on PayPal separately as a platform to receive payments anymore. Instead of manually inputting invoices with their respective amounts it can just automatically update to represent what the transaction entailed. This will open up possibilities for the whole billing system of your company whilst keeping the experience secure and smooth.

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