SuiteCRM 7.11 – Google Calendar & Elasticsearch is Here!


SuiteCRM recently announced the release of the SuiteCRM 7.11 version available for download to its worldwide community. The new version brings two new integration to the table that were requested in several posts in the community as well as UI and UX updates here and there.

The release is not meant for production which means business organizations are going to have to wait a little longer to get their hands of SuiteCRM 7.11. But this shouldn’t take anything away from the fact that is a solid new release by SuiteCRM. The beta period meant for testing and feedback is only going to improve the version before it hits business organizations worldwide.

So let’s turn those sad faces upside down and take a look at what these two new integration are:

Google Calendar Integration

Up until SuiteCRM 7.11, one-way sync has been possible for quite a while, however what you couldn’t do until now was make things go back and forth between SuiteCRM and Google Calendar. This one update has been the talking point in the SuiteCRM Community for a long time and as things go, a certain Community Member was responsible for bringing this update to SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM gave him a nod and consider him a key contributor to this update.

So what does two-way-sync do for you? Well, this SuiteCRM Integration works both ways with Google Calendar, this means things you put in the Google Calendar automatically find their way into SuiteCRM and what you add to SuiteCRM are synchronized with Google Calendar. Let’s take an example of an instance where you schedule a meeting in SuiteCRM, this meeting will be synchronized with your Google Calendar. Back and forth transfer between the two systems ensure you miss nothing when it comes to meeting deadlines or important client calls.


Elasticsearch is an enterprise-grade search engine that is accessible through an extensive API, it can power up your data discovery applications by bringing extremely fast searches, even those outside the database. Queries that would take seconds are returned in milliseconds with Elasticsearch and allows full-text searches . The Elasticsearch integration in SuiteCRM 7.11 has taken its time getting here but brings new possibilities and capabilities to SuiteCRM i.e. ability to draw information from numerous different sources.

Key Takeaway!

These two new updates in the SuiteCRM 7.11 version are a breath of fresh air for the SuiteCRM Community and shows how SuiteCRM is committed to giving the community what it wants. The beta release is available for a couple of weeks before the complete release of the 7.11 version. Things might seem a little rocky for the Elasticsearch integration, but we definitely can’t say that for Google Calendar, SuiteCRM has hit the mark with that one!

Head over to the our blog to learn about what’s new in SuiteCRM as well as the many different ways in which you can leverage the SuiteCRM platform to truly take your business to the next level. Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks as we bring you the highlights once SuiteCRM 7.11 releases for production.

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