Salesforce Training Resources: Where to Start?


Salesforce is a powerful tool but the constant updates can make it frustrating for a company to get familiar with the platform. That is way comprehensive training by learning different resources is very important. It’s always hard choosing resources for Salesforce training, not because it is hard but because there are so many to choose from. There are hundreds and dozens of training tools, courses, materials and resources to choose from. So, it is always easier to have an easy read guide to help you understand all your options. Whether you want to learn Salesforce from scratch or just improve your skills in a particular area then this article is for you.

To save you time and frustration we have researched the multiple options you have available. Let’s look at the different Salesforce resources available.

This is an engaging and fun way to learn where you can explore the Salesforce universe and gain new skills. Salesforce offers more than 50-in person and virtual courses through its Trailhead academy. Apart from these formal classes they have over 800 individual learning modules covering different features and applications of Salesforce. If you want to learn about a topic in more detail then there are 200 trails, which are lesson plans made up of a set of modules, to learn from. Every level you cover means you unlock a new badge, which shows your hard work and recognition. What makes it better is that your courses are revolved around you, what you like, what you want to learn and even better, at the pace you want to learn and complete them. It all falls back completely on you. To take quizzes and track your record you have to log in via Salesforce, Google, LinkedIn or your Gmail account.

1. Trailhead

Price: Free.
Available content: More than 950 modules and 240 badges.
Duration: 10 min – just over 15h.

2. Salesforce Trailhead Academy

Salesforce offers more than 50-in person and virtual courses through its Trailhead academy, where each one covers a different aspect of the platform. Trailhead academy is place where you can sign up for Salesforce training classes that are taught by the best Salesforce authorized instructors themselves. Each course covers a different aspect and can be tailored to suit your budget and time. Courses can be selected based on your job, role, level, product and tag you want to learn about.

Price: $ 300 – $ 4500.
Available content: More than 45 courses.
Duration: 1 day – 30 days.

3. Salesforce YouTube

The salesforce YouTube channel is the best place for you to learn about new products and its features, get access to interviews and watch webinars. There are easy understanding videos on all the new features and how you can learn to use those new platforms. All videos are short and explained in easy to learn language meaning everyone will get the hang of things within no time. The reason this is more liked is that people prefer video format to be more helpful than long documentation and essays to read over.

Price: Free.
Available content: More than 700 videos.
Duration: 1 min – 2h.

4. Salesforce Trailblazer Community

The salesforce community consists of customers, partners, and technology professionals it has built around its platform to see endless growth and opportunity. All this growth is powered by Trailblazers so make sure you join this community. Here you will be able to build successful careers, companies and communities around the world with the help of Salesforce learners and innovators. This will also enhance your communication skills where you will be able to interact and connect with colleagues and help others in their problems by contributing your opinion.

Price: Free

5. Forcetalks

Forcetalks is a complete Salesforce community and Salesforce-related collaboration platform for developers, coders, admins, business owners and webmasters. Not only is this a place where you will learn from but you can also teach others by contributing your efforts and helping them out. All content is organized into forums, blogs, videos and infographics.

Price: free.
Available content: more than 1400 articles, 750 videos and 170 infographics.
Duration: 1 min – more than 2h.

6. Udemy

Udemy is a virtual store that has a library of a wide range including courses, video based training, self-paced courses and a reward of a certificate after completion of your course. There are expert instructors available who have full fledge knowledge. There are different sections about detailed information on different topics, where one entire section is dedicated to Salesforce. To be precise there are more than 70 Salesforce courses alone. Covering different level of expertise means you can start working whether you are a beginner or a pro. If you are just beginning then starting with Salesforce 101 would be the best and then you will make your way to specifics like external systems, Salesforce integrations and Salesforce reports.

Price: Free – $ 100.
Available content: more than 80 courses.
Duration: 1h – 32h.

7. Stony Point

Stony Point is a Salesforce training provider that offers a wide variety of in-person virtual training. They have a set of experienced, well knowledge and certified staff that will help meet all your Salesforce training needs. Its training catalog is divided into 3 areas depending on how you will be using Salesforce. They include the following:

  • Salesforce technical training.
  • Salesforce end-user training.
  • Sales training.

Apart from this Stony Point also has its year-long Training as a Subscription Service, also known as TaaSS pass. Opting for this means you are allowed to access and learn from any business instructor-led courses at a discounted rate compared to other courses, helping you save on your pocket.

Price: $ 400 – $ 4500.
Available content: more than 25 courses.
Duration: 4h – 40h.

8. Salesforce LinkedIn Learning Courses

You might now all be aware of this, but LinkedIn has its own tutorials for Salesforce with multiple lessons ranging from basic beginner levels to pro higher levels. It includes it all. All resources, information, content and materials offered are kept up to date and are categorized according to the categories of the new and best Salesforce courses being offered. This is perfect for those people who are eager to learn and want to spend a couple of hours a week on learning new skills or trying to enhance the ones they already have. For them it is a solid investment that will help them benefit in their career

Price: Free (1 month) – $ 30 / month.
Available content: more than 590 videos and 25 courses.
Duration: 10 min – more than 4h.

It’s a Wrap!

Learning to use new technology can be both exciting and frustrating. Technology is amazing but it does get on your nerves when it is continuously changing. So, Salesforce, as amazing as it may be, does have its drawbacks. You have to make sure you always up to date with all its new features. Reason being this powerful tool only works when it is being used correctly. That is why it is important to keep adding to your knowledge, whether you are just a beginner or a professional, too much learning is never a bad thing. So, make the most of the training resources we have presented to you and become a Salesforce pro today!

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