IoT with SuiteCRM: Here’s what you need to know!


IoT, along with Big Data, Social Media, and Cloud; is the future! We wouldn’t be very far off saying it’s effectively the present, as more and more organizations start realizing what IoT is and what it can do for them. Internet of Things, or IoT as its most commonly known, is a concept that interconnects numerous computer devices found in everyday applications, appliances, and more. Companies and organizations can use this data to improve their business actions, get customer insights, do market research, and more. But the question is, HOW exactly do they use the heaps of data that comes in every day from all these connected devices? Well, that’s where SuiteCRM comes in.

A CRM is powered by cognitive computing, data analytics, and machine learning, and one of the best options out there is SuiteCRM. An open source free platform that is easy to install, and even easier to use. Before the naysayer inside you starts questioning the security and protection of data, know that SuiteCRM is GDPR compliant. If you still have your fair share of doubts, you can opt for the more compliance drive, enterprise level SuiteASSURED.

Now with that out of the way, let’s see how IoT with SuiteCRM can do wonders for your organization.

Service Improvement

With IoT, companies can have a huge number of channels feeding them information and data. All of this data can be leveraged through SuiteCRM and converted into meaningful and actionable insights. SuiteCRM will categorize and organize your customer data by aligning it parallel to each customer, with numerous filters and variables available to help you make the right decisions. IoT devices can help you get customer location, habits, preferences, etc that translate into more targeted efforts and offers on your part. Let’s take an example of a fast food vendor selling hamburgers, the vendor can use IoT to check customer locations and see if any are in the vicinity. Or a Cab service can tap into their customer’s location and see if they need a cab in the next 15 or so minutes based on their actions, location, and social interactions. These examples help simplify the complicated and intricate processes that exists between IoT and SuiteCRM. You can only imagine the benefits such a tool would provide to a multinational conglomerate. Add in necessary SuiteCRM Integration and you’ve got an AI beast ready to go!

Mitigate Support Costs

With IoT, Customer Support Teams can finally take a proactive approach to customer complaints and resolve problems efficiently. The current model of reactive solutions is tiresome and frustrating for the customer and a high degree of automation is required to lessen the burden. But with IoT in play, the devices can use workflow automation to create tickets, assign support representatives, schedule maintenance visits and so much more. Customer support is one the most important threads that keep the customer engaged; ensuring an effective support mechanism that identifies their needs before the customers themselves is a feature you don’t want to miss out on.

Avoid Customer Churn

Customer Churn is when a customer decides to cut contact with an organization for any number of reasons. There’s no effective way of knowing when a customer decides to do that and so its just one of those things that exist, with companies scratching their heads on how to control it. Well, you can put those fingers to rest by using IoT with SuiteCRM. With IoT data, organizations can predict if a customer is at risk of churn and optimize its strategies to reduce the impact.

360 Degree Customer View

And if it wasn’t obvious already, with IoT, organizations can have a holistic view of their customers and analyze their behaviors and habits to refine their strategies, optimize their efforts, and mould offers to maximize their ROI. Everyday devices connected to the IoT can give unlimited data that SuiteCRM can organize to provide meaningful insights for the organization. Be it a new product launch, or retargeting efforts, IoT can prove to be an invaluable ally in this regard.

Key Takeaway!

So that’s that. Hop on to the IoT bandwagon while it’s still got room. With SuiteCRM (or SuiteASSURED), you can get cultivating insights and market trends that can be used to optimize and diversify your business operations.

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