4 Books Every Salesperson Should Read


Learning new selling strategies and techniques are vital for any sales representative. Mastering the fundamentals of sales is of paramount importance when it comes to success. Now a days there are so many great resources available for sales folks like podcasts, whitepapers, eBooks, twitter charts and conferences –  but plain books continue to be the best resource for seeking inspiration and gaining new perspectives. Cluttering through rows and rows of amazing Sales centric books, here we break the top 4 for you to excel as a successful sales representative.

“Spin Selling” by Neil Rackham

Neil Rackham has surely worked really hard writing this masterpiece which became the international best seller in its year of release. His methodology is based upon his solid research of over 3500 sales calls which gives him an edge over other writers. He examined hard evidence of the actual sales performances and has written exactly what works and what doesn’t in actual situations. In other words there is no fluff in the book, all the techniques are practical and immediately applicable. For any sales person, at any stage of his career, this is a must read book.

“Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer has written a book which is as direct and concise as it can be. The complex business issues have been integrated to their essence and then Jeff has explained how to use the essence to make yourself a successful salesperson. The selling tips given in the book would help you not only in your immediate career but throughout the rest of your life.

“Secrets of Closing the Sale” by Zig Zagler

Talking about Sales, and we forget the Sales legend himself? Well that’s not possible. Zig Zagler was a sales giant and the pioneer who laid out the basic principles on which today all sales techniques and training is based. Zig mainly focuses on the art of persuasion and various sales topics like mental and psychological aspects of communicating when closing a deal. For a true sale person, this one is highly recommended.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

Published first in 1936, Dale Carnegie still continues to impress sales rep. New perspectives have been added to the book with the passage of time which doesn’t make it out dated. The book provides timeless insights on how to handle different personalities and make friends. The stories are quite easy to read and understand, which makes it a simple and clear book.

These books are as handy as it gets in the sales profession. They can serve as your very own cheat-sheet to success if you choose to give these a go! It sounds like an investment that’s bound to pay off – if you ask us!

We feel sales has to do a lot with knowing your customers, and you can’t do that without organizing them. So if think books aren’t the way forward for you, take a look at SuiteCRM, it ticks all the boxes in this regard and can be further fine-tuned according to your unique needs and requirements. We are SuiteCRM Elite partners and can help you get started. Contact us today for your free consultation session.

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