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A unique and well-designed website is a requirement in the eCommerce industry due to the heavy competition. Your online store may be the first point of contact that you will make with your customers. With Magento on your side, you gain access to the platform with the most breathtaking visual design under its belt. Other than that, you get top-end performance with SEO capabilities out of the box.

At RT Dynamic, we have created websites of all shapes and sizes using our best-in-class Website Development Services. Our development strategy involves minimum development time and a solution that will surpass your expectations.

The Magento Website Development Process

The process of developing your website contains fine details and nuances to make sure you get what you deserve. With each passing step, the previous one is considered to have helped you end up with a robust website. Below, we will go through each step that is used to power the process and give you a state-of-the-art Magento eCommerce Platform.

The Magento Website Development Process

Magento Learning Phase

Here, we will learn about your business to see what building a website for you will entail, to identify further opportunities. Your current online store, irrespective of which platform it is on, will go through an audit conducted by our Magento developers. To get a better idea of what you want, we’ll have to go through your business, workflows, processes, and requirements.

Magento Blueprint Phase

After we have assessed your needs in the previous step, we can finally create a blueprint for your website’s creation. This will include deadlines, various milestones, and scrum sessions to keep your company in the loop regarding your website development. To best cater to your target audience, we will incorporate customer personas to tailor the exact design. The screening blueprint will then be staged to help you visualize the end result if you need any more changes.

Magento Design and UI Phase

We can now begin replicating your business on your website in terms of color, look, and overall feel. By being as close to your brand as possible, it will be easier to attract people to your online store. This is made possible through our Magento customization process, where we can optimize various elements to ease their navigation. A great design with intuitive UI will enable us to help you increase your overall customers experience.

Magento Website Development Phase

When the above phases are completed, that means your overall design, UI, and UX have been finalized. Our team can now begin the raw construction of your Magento online store. The process will involve:

  • Custom Templates
  • SEO Optimizations
  • Speed Optimizations
  • Intensive Testing
  • Hosting Configuration
  • Inter Browser Optimizations
  • Integrations for Custom Functionality

Magento Integration Phase

Congratulations! The hardest part is now over and your website is ready from a technical standpoint. In this phase, we will be integrating any third-party applications you currently use into the new website structure. To reach your full business potential it is imperative that you retain or add newer integrations for increased functionality. Other than that, our developers can also integrate CRM into your Magento store for added security.

Magento Launch Phase

In this final phase, we will go into the final testing and answer to questions on what has been implemented. Only when you are satisfied with the performance and design can we go forward with the final launch. Our Magento developers will help you familiarize yourself with your new online store and will conduct training sessions so that you can begin running things independently.

Magento Services By RT Dynamic

Magento Customization Services by RT Dynamic

  • Theme Customizations for Magento
  • Extension Development for Magento
  • Module Development for Magento

Magento Integration Solutions by RT Dynamic

  • Magento Integration with Third-Party Applications
  • Magento Integration with CRM
  • Magento Extension Development Services

Magento Migration Services by RT Dynamic

  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Services
  • Magento Migration Planning and Assessment
  • Data Backup and Preservation for Magento Migration
  • Magento Design Migration
  • Magento Extensions Review and Custom Code Crafting
  • Data Accurately mapped and Migrated to the Magento 2 Environment

Magento Extension Development Solutions by RT Dynamic

  • Magento Integration with Third-Party Applications
  • Magento Integration with Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Magento Extension Development Services

RT Dynamic for Your Magento Needs

RT Dynamic has a team of Magento professionals who understand the eCommerce industry’s best practices and strategies. Contact us for a FREE Business Analysis so you too can get a ready platform to take part in this competitive industry. Leverage our best practices of designs, web layouts, and SEO to take your business to the next level.

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