Should Your Startup Invest in a Mobile App?


In today’s world everyone’s lives revolve around mobiles and mobiles applications. What is surprising though is that the mobile market is still untapped to a great degree. This may be something that is hard to believe because research shows people check their phones every 7 minutes. If we look at the number of mobile users in the world and the amount of time they have their phone in their hand, then we can conclude there is a big market your company can aim at targeting. How to target them and what is the right way to do so is the million-dollar question.

There has been a paradigm shift from in person shopping to online shopping over recent years and now the new trend being followed is a shift from website shopping to mobile app shopping. The answer to both these paradigm shifting is quite simple, it is ease of access. Customers will opt for whatever is easier for the, whatever will make them be able to do shopping and feel at ease at the same time. So, mobile app development is something all businesses should take into consideration especially in a time of continually growing percentage of mobile users.

Regardless, there are some startups and SME’s who are double minded about whether they should develop a mobile app right now or wait for the right time to come in the future. If you are one of these entrepreneurs, stuck in the middle, then this blog is for you.

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Mobile App Development

User Engagement

Mobile apps act as a bridge between customers and the company. How? It makes communication between the two easier. There is no point having customers if you are not able to meet their needs or communicate with them on time. If you know your customers are mobile users then making an app is a sensible step, you know it will be something they will actually use. Moreover, an app will help sort out the problems of customers in a faster and more systematic way.

Revenue Generation

Revenue can only be generated if the market knows your business exists. You can only raise awareness and create hype of your business if you are fulfilling some sort of customer needs. Satisfying your customers and making sure they are treated as a king will show your customers that you care for them. Hence, generating a positive word of mouth and feedback. All in all, this will help increase the number of conversions which will help lead to greater revenue streams. Mobile apps are a easier way to connect with customers directly, allowing them to engage, communicate and maximize each customers buying potential.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is what helps a business improve themselves, without being told where you are going wrong or where you need improvement you will not be able to become the best you can be. Listening to your customers is part of the process of being able to become bigger and better than you are today. For startups, listening to what customers have to say is important because you can easily change your strategy as you are in the initial steps of the whole process. Receiving feedback also tells you what your customers’ expectations are and how you can try and meet, or even exceed them.


You can only create a place in the mind of customers if you are doing your branding right. Good branding is the first step to creating a future empire for yourself. Having a mobile application and then having good branding will help you gain a significant market share in no time. Apps make this easier, how? Well, they offer a new level of customer interaction, online engagement and has advanced features that can add value to your business and help you excel. Finally, it’s easier to read your customers minds and what their views are about your business. You can easily monitor your brands online image via customer reviews, rating and social media sharing.


An app which is feature rich and is tailored according to a specific market is highly efficient and cost effective for the promotion of your startup. There is a popular view that mobile apps are costly but nonetheless it is evident that apps can promote your business more strongly than a website. Getting a high ROI is easier with a app and you will see benefits in a faster period of time. Coming back to the point of targeting a specific market, an app helps make this easier. For example: you want to target a niche audience that uses iPhone then you can hire an IOS application developer to make a user friendly IOS app.

Data Collection

You can never have too much information about your customers, this is a concept that does not exist and can never do so. Getting to know your customers more and more is the best way to become a need serving brand. You should always work to get to know your customers in a better way than before. Do you want to get hold of this information? Their likes, dislikes, spending patterns, purchasing behavior etc. Well, a mobile app helps you get to know it all. That is the best thing about a customized mobile app, it helps you fetch data related to your customer’s interests, choices, habits, actions, visits and much more. All this real data can help you build a strategy to offer tailored services and personalized products to your customers, bringing about changes whenever and wherever they are needed.


One thing is sure, a mobile app is something every business should invest it. While a mobile app may be ahead of both your time and your startup, it will always be a good idea to develop it before you need it rather than developing it after you need it. It is always good to be on the same lines as time and make the most of it to help become closer to your customers and create deepened relations.

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