Boost Your Sales with Seamless HubSpot & Salesforce Integration


It’s disappointing when you’re using the world’s leading sales and marketing platforms, Hubspot and Salesforce, yet you don’t see the benefits. There are inefficiencies like disconnected workflows, siloed data, and a lack of visibility of the entire customer journey. 

The best way to use these strong platforms is to consolidate them to combine their power. With this Hubspot salesforce sync, you can get a big return on your investment. How to achieve this? Partner with salesforce Hubspot integration services that ensure seamless integration.

Hubspot streamlines marketing content through its content management system (CMS). It offers marketing automation tools powered by data insights. With website tracking, you can run targeted email marketing campaigns and optimize landing pages. Analytics will guide strategy to get lead attraction. Whereas, Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software with robust AI that empowers sales. Such data intelligence enhances a company’s sales cycle and customer service. Together these two platforms are a powerhouse for your sales and marketing teams.

Benefits of Salesforce integration with HubSpot

Integrating Salesforce with HubSpot will offer numerous benefits:

  • Email Marketing

When you sync data, your marketing-qualified email list from HubSpot will show directly in Salesforce. The sales team can then run personalized email campaigns removing the need to export the email list. The teams can work together to create a stunning email and view their results. All within one platform.

  • Campaign Management

You can easily manage various campaigns and audiences by building custom landing pages for various audience segmentations, leading to higher conversion rates. 

  • SEO Analytics:

While Salesforce does offer limited SEO analytics focusing primarily on keyword ranking, HubSpot offers in-depth analysis with integration from the Google search console. It shows impressions, clicks, keyword ranking, etc. that help you focus on stats that matter. 

  • Greater sales:

The data can seamlessly flow between the two platforms. You can track leads from website activity, email open rates, and form submissions. This helps the sales team prioritize their outreach to a hot lead making lead scoring easy. 

  • Inbound Marketing:

With HubSpot integration, marketing automation can be made simple and easy. You can handle ads for all platforms including Google, Facebook, and Linkedin. Additional capabilities include live chat support and video management. Handling social media and blogs becomes easy with this HubSpot salesforce sync.

  • Stronger Marketing and Sales Collaboration

With salesforce integration with HubSpot, the marketing team can view sales data like call logs, meeting notes, and email exchanges. This allows them to go for targeted marketing emails with strong strategies.

How To Integrate Hubspot With Salesforce?

Below is a simple guide to integrating the two powerhouses.

  • Planning is an essential part of any successful implementation. Here you would pinpoint your requirements like custom fields and workflow automation. 
  • Next, you’ll require an official salesforce Hubspot connector to sync the two platforms. They offer a minimal setup requirement. For additional functionality, you can also integrate third-party tools and services.
  • Once you’ve installed your connector, you’ll sync the data with data mapping ensuring accurate synchronization. You can set it for uni or bi-directional data flow.
  • When both platforms are successfully connected, it’s time to test HubSpot salesforce integration issues. Yes, you might have them as syncing records, and ensuring the custom fields show requires seamless data synchronization. Considering your level of expertise, this will require a little figuring out. Simultaneously, ensuring precise workflow automation and data flow will mark the integration as seamless.

Integration best practices:

If you are performing Hubspot salesforce sync, there is just one practice to follow, go for salesforce Hubspot integration services. The reason is quite simple. It is a one-time investment and when you are already spending a lot on Salesforce and HubSpot, unifying the two in the best possible way will ensure maximum return on your investment. 

The agency can be salesforce partners or Hubspot experts that are up to date with the latest features and advanced capabilities of the two platforms. With their vast experience, they can guide you given your specific needs. As discussed earlier, resolving the issues of workflow automation, custom fields, and data mapping, is far more complex than it seems. You are dealing with millions of customer data that is to be precise so that your sales, marketing, and services teams maximize their potential.

In Conclusion,

Sales and marketing will literally go hand in hand when you unify the two strong platforms, HubSpot, and Salesforce. You’ll get unbeatable benefits like personalizing your customer experience with bi-directional data flow, workflow automation, powerful insights, and lead routing. 

To perform this integration seamlessly you need to follow a certain process by checking on your prerequisites, installing the salesforce and Hubspot connector, ensuring accurate data mapping, and testing to highlight any errors. Ensure the data is synced well for accurate data to be shared between Hubspot and Salesforce for successful integration. Remember your Hubspot and salesforce are working on up-to-date data share for efficient working of the entire team.

Looking to optimize the performance of your sales and marketing teams by syncing HubSpot and Salesforce? Partner with salesforce partners who can guide and implement a seamless integration for your platforms. 

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