5 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Implementing Salesforce


Salesforce is a robust cloud-based CRM that gives capabilities to organizations of all sizes such as sales, marketing, and customer service. However, all of these powerful Salesforce tools for transforming and streamlining your business processes will only perform to their full potential if best practices are followed during deployment.

Salesforce implementation can be challenging at times. If you don’t prepare effectively for your Salesforce implementation, you may end up having to resolve costly and time-consuming difficulties with the system later. Working with a Salesforce expert guarantees that you meet all of your business goals and get the most out of Salesforce.

Organizations unintentionally make a lot of mistakes while implementing salesforce and the following are the mistakes they must need to avoid: 

1.  Implementation Partners

Selecting the proper partner for your Salesforce implementation is critical, and when the process begins, organizations must be confident that they have the right tools in place to evaluate the right partners. A bad Salesforce implementation partner will cause plenty of issues down the road because your staff will be unprepared to make the most of the platform. Make sure any hired hands are strong communicators with Salesforce experience and keep in mind that price isn’t necessarily a good sign of the level of experience you’re getting.

2.  Cost of Implementation

It’s exciting when you are going for an advanced technology where before its implementation everything seems possible and you think updating your platform would be a game-changer but there are minor details that are easily overlooked.  Implementing huge technological software is great but ignoring the cost of implementation will put you in a big shock.

There are various factors that can affect the process of implementing a salesforce platform. You will definitely need to take into consideration the total cost of implementation for the salesforce platform.   Whether it is an update or a complete transition to a new platform, it will take time because of the complex processes, so the total time it requires, the level of complexity it has, and also the choices about consultancy will eventually determine the total cost of the project.   

3.  Failing to Fully Consider the Data

When you’re switching to a new system, it’s easy to focus on the new features that Salesforce has to offer. A new platform is an exciting notion, and one of the things that led you to Salesforce in the first place was the opportunity to explore all of its technological potentials. However, it’s a typical mistake to let this distract you from the entire scope of data transfer and integration that is required for a smooth shift. It would be a huge problem for businesses that are failing to consider the data when they are shifting to a new platform.

4. Absence of a Post-implementation Plan

One of the most underrated aspects of Salesforce’s success is post-implementation. Many people believe that once Salesforce is installed, it will take off and prosper on its own. However, upon implementation, a project leader or administrator must continue to monitor and ensure the following:

1.      Technical resources must be present

2.      Users must be given support with training and assistance

3.      New software processes are clearly identified and implemented.

4.      Users can give feedback about the new improvements.

5.      Salesforce roadmap must be in place.

5. Lack of Training

Training is one of the most crucial aspects of successful implementation. Unfortunately, it’s also the most neglected. Salesforce has one of the top CRM tools on the market. However, the answers it offers are useless to someone who does not understand how to use them. Make sure your staff is aware of Salesforce’s capabilities, connected 3rd party applications, and how everything relates to their specific day-to-day duties before installing Salesforce.

Integration with Salesforce is similar to any other software implementation project. If you get it correctly the first time, it appears and sounds so much easier. However, if you’ve never done it before, it can be difficult to figure out how to achieve your objectives.

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