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SuiteCRM can be seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of applications due to its open source nature. These integrations allow you to be more productive by effectively keeping track of diverse information from multiple channels. You can keep enjoying all your favorite apps and organize everything in a centralized view without the hassle of switching between apps.

RT Dynamic has collaborated with hundreds of leading CRM providers and third party developers to craft and deploy highly sophisticated integrations for businesses belonging to various industry verticals and have managed to exceed our clients’ expectation every single time. Our integrations can boost SuiteCRM’s functionality to new heights and offer users a truly seamless experience.


If you’re in the market for a more plug and play solution, Plugins and add-ons provide a more feasible and easier way to expand the functionalities of your CRM than specifically crafted customization and integrations. These are powerful, flexible and versatile solutions loaded with user-friendly features that help you streamline your entire business process by taking your CRM to the next level.

Our experts at RT Dynamic have developed a wide variety of robust and dynamic plugins and add-ons that with a few, simple installation steps effortlessly combine with SuiteCRM, giving you detailed insights about your customers and complete control over your business.

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